100% Cotton

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SNURK bedding is made of 100% cotton. But cotton comes in many cotton qualities. We only work with high quality percale and percaline cotton, depending on the print. This makes SNURK cotton more durable, softer, and smoother. When manufacturing our cotton duvet bedding we also comb the yarn to avoid impurities and peeling. 


character duvet covers

Getting inspired by something we see in books or the world around us. We are about fun, simplicity and realism. Driven by creativity, humor and the desire to make unique duvet covers and great product. We try to bring this across in everything we do.

Let's Make

Bedtime fun!

Our products stand out for their high quality cotton, unique photographic prints and clean designs. We aim for the best of the best in every possible aspect. This is visible and tangible: the fabric is strong, yet soft and the designs are one of a kind. SNURK’s designs are mainly white, and always serene and playful, available in twin duvet covers and full size duvet covers. We hope we make people fall asleep with a smile on their face.