Back to school bedding

Back to school 2019 .Can you believe we are already at the end of summer!? We hope you’ve had an amazing summer break with lots of outside play and family time. 

Trying to get the little one’s energy level back down and get them cleaned up and ready for bed can be a challenge. During the summer it’s all good. No need to get up early to have breakfast and rush to school. The summers are so full of freedom, fun and play. Much less about establishing structure and routine than during the school year. Summertime is the best time!

The balance between back-to-school and a whole summer off is what makes it all so magical. At SNURK we balance work, kids and summer break as parents as well. We know it’s a hard transition to go back to that school routine reality again. 

Princess book for back to school

Here are a few things on our back-to-school checklist to help get us all back on track and ready for school again.

Of course we have the exciting chore of back-to-school shopping for school supplies. Take them with you and let them pick out things they get excited about. A pencil case, a new backpack. These are things that give them a sense of identity and pride when they walk into their classroom. 

Back to school clothes and shoes are a great start to the day. It will help them get up in the morning and be excited to get dressed.

Freshen up your child’s room. Get rid of old broken toys. Maybe a fresh coat of paint and new curtains or a new desk. It could be a bookshelf with books that are to come for this years reading level. 

But the most valuable thing we found was getting back to our bedtime routine again. It’s earlier than during the Summer, so we read or tell bedtime stories to make sure they get in bed and get a good night’s sleep. Because we all know that well-rested children are not only a lot more pleasant to be around, they also perform much better inside and outside the classroom.Space kids duvet set

How do we make that bedtime routine a little less painful for all involved? Simply make it more fun to go to bed! Snurk duvet covers are designed to get kids excited about going to bed. We have a print for everyone! The unicorn or the shark lover, the dinosaur connoisseur, the space voyager, the elegant equestrian, the soccer champ, the pretty princess, the fierce firefighter …..

Horse riders kids bedding

SNURK duvet covers are created in Amsterdam by a great designer who has little kids of her own. The whole goal - “LET’S MAKE BEDTIME FUN”!  

Shhhhhh.... They’re sleeping. Goodnight moon, good night kid with the coolest bedding in the room.