SNURK HQ is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Owned and designed by Dutch couple Peggy van Neer and Erik van Loo. Their original photographic designs are printed on high quality cotton in Portugal. SNURK offers unique bedding for kids and adults. The collection is sold in selected stores and online. Chris Kyle and Martyntje van der Linden Kyle are the sole distributors of SNURK USA. They know the marked well and strive for quality and service at the highest level. Duvet cover sizes have been thoroughly researched and are made to fit all three US duvet sizes. 


Remember how it all started 10 years ago?! Longtime friends Martyntje, Chris, Erik and Peggy enjoy a sunny morning at a playground in the heart of Amsterdam. Erik and Peggy’s little snurkers are playing. With Martyntje and Chris’ boys soon leaving for college the four of us joke that it’s time for a new challenge. Take SNURK to the next level. SNURK USA. Peggy instantly gets sparkly eyed. USA, is a dream. Peggy, is a creative at heart loves what she does. The idea that Americans would enjoy her designs too really tickled her. Erik and Chris are all business. They do numbers and margins, sales comes very naturally to both of them. Martyntje instantly bubbles over with ideas. Promotions, PR, fun stunts and “you know what could be cool….!” phrases. We’ve known each other for decades, and don't need many words to communicate. The SNURK philosophy is linear through all countries. Make beautiful, fun, high quality products. Work hard, love what we do and appreciate how we got here. 


At SNURK HQ in Amsterdam every day is a party, SNURK feels very much like it’s a hobby project. But then a hobby project that, next to Erik and Peggy, employs three full time staff members and an intern. And those who are needed as the warehouse is currently filled with cardboard boxes containing duvet covers and pillow cases. All fresh from Portugal where all SNURK designs are produced.