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It’s time to cut up your old bed sheets and make them into cleaning rags, because the new SNURK collection is coming to America. Our high quality bedding is covered with fun and imaginative photo prints. For the young and hip old.

Are you ready for standing ovations in your bedroom? For this duvet cover we collaborated with the Dutch National Ballet, considered to be one of the top 5 ballet companies of the world. Not only did they lend us one of their talented ballerina’s, but also one of their amazing handmade tutus. Plié, yawn and stretch.

Ballerina Nancy Burer posed for SNURK on her pointe. The tutu was designed at the Dutch National Ballet and handcrafted in their studio. SNURK kids bed sets are made of 100% percale cotton and available in Twin and Full/Queen at the SNURK website starting at $119.




Is your bedroom also styled in minimalistic white? Bland huh. This duvet cover will instantly add some bohemian ambiance. With two different wicker prints per side, so you can choose which side goes up. And then spend an entire Sunday inside your cosy basket.

Made in collaboration with Dutch plaiting designer Esmé Hofman. SNURK bed sets are made of 100% percale cotton and available in Twin, Full/Queen and King.